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Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset review

Plantronics makes some of the best bluetooth headset models on the market. The Voyager model has been around for a while but keeps on getting updated both in specs and design. The new Plantronics Voyager+ bluetooth headset builds on the heritage of those before it. This bluetooth earbud has a new design and specs to mach such as very fast charging time, great battery life, adjustable mic boom, superb microphone and a over the ear holder that is comfortable and keeps the bluetooth headgear in place at all times.

Plantronics Voyager+ Bluetooth Headset
BatteryDescription: 1 Lithium Polymer RechargeableFeature: Dual-mic AudioIQ2 noise cancellationFeature: Enhanced voice alerts for added convenienceFeature: A2DP streams music, podcasts, GPS and more
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What I like best about this model is the battery life. If you make a lot of calls and are looking for the bluetooth earbud with best battery life, look no further. This unit easily handles a full business day of talking on the phone.

The second best thing about the Voyager+ is comfort. Comfort as in well-fitting, even though ít has a over the ear design. And comfort as in lightweight; under 7 ounces. Ok, so the Voyager+ is not the lightest bluetooth earbud out there but this is a full-size model and in that group, anything at 7 ounces is great. This bluetooth earbud rests on your ear like a glove.

There is a newer model of this bleuthooth headset – the Voyager Legend