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Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset review

Plantronics makes some of the best bluetooth headset models on the market. The Voyager model has been around for a while but keeps on getting updated both in specs and design. The new Plantronics Voyager+ bluetooth headset builds on the heritage of those before it. This bluetooth earbud has a new design and specs to mach such as very fast charging time, great battery life, adjustable mic boom, superb microphone and a over the ear holder that is comfortable and keeps the bluetooth headgear in place at all times.

Plantronics Voyager+ Bluetooth Headset
BatteryDescription: 1 Lithium Polymer RechargeableFeature: Dual-mic AudioIQ2 noise cancellationFeature: Enhanced voice alerts for added convenienceFeature: A2DP streams music, podcasts, GPS and more
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What I like best about this model is the battery life. If you make a lot of calls and are looking for the bluetooth earbud with best battery life, look no further. This unit easily handles a full business day of talking on the phone.

The second best thing about the Voyager+ is comfort. Comfort as in well-fitting, even though ít has a over the ear design. And comfort as in lightweight; under 7 ounces. Ok, so the Voyager+ is not the lightest bluetooth earbud out there but this is a full-size model and in that group, anything at 7 ounces is great. This bluetooth earbud rests on your ear like a glove.

There is a newer model of this bleuthooth headset – the Voyager Legend

Bestselling Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset

One of the best features of a Aliph Bluetooth headset is that the noise cancellation of this gadget absolutely works. The user can hear the person he is talking to clearly because it effectively reduces unnecessary sounds from sources such as traffic, barking dogs, and wind.

It also relays the message clearly from one person to the other because of quality audio and microphone design.

A bluetooth headset of earbud type is not a gadget for everybody. Some buyers have a hard time getting used to wireless earbuds but the trick is to buy a quality item and not buy one that is too small. Most models come with a set of eargels that should fit any ear. Keep in mind that when replacing to make sure you get eargels that are washable and hygienic (most are).

Design is an important feature of any bluetooth earbud since it is so prominent and visible and any Aliph bluetooth headset fulfills the need for style while supplying very good performance.

Aliph headsets continue to be in demand especially by customers who have put the Aliph headsets to the durability test. A good example is the Aliph Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset with military-grade NoiseAssassin 2.5 with wind reduction. According to Aliph, this is he best noise cancellation technology that money can buy.

There may be some truth in this because the Jawbone Icon is currently the bestselling bluetooth earbud at Amazon and has over 200 customer reviews.

The box includes ICON headset; 3 Spout earbuds; 4 round earbuds; optional binaural earloop; microUSB cable; A/C wall adapter; user guide.

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UPDATE: There is a new version of this item: the Jawbone ICON HD